How I Lost My Virginity to an Escort (And Why You Should Too)

I was one of those blokes who, let’s just say, took a while to get involved with girls. Naturally with younger guys it creates a great deal of stress, especially when your mates are getting your case and giving you shit for being a 21-year-old virgin. Looking back on it now I realise it doesn’t matter so much to be a virgin, it really doesn’t change anything at all, but when you’re a young guy and you want to get that little issue out of the way and you think time is getting – you get a bit stressed.

I tried and tried and ended up in a situation where it could have happened a few times, but something would happen that would inhibit the deed from being done. I’d get too nervous, she wouldn’t be keen, once I was too drunk, that sort of thing, so I finally decided I would just get my cherry popped from the help of an escort. Nip it in the bud, bite the bullet, get my V plates taken by a beautiful lady from the wonderful Backpacker Girls.

I was damn nervous 

Guys get nervous when they think they are going to lose their V’s, just as girls do. So, there was a slight level of apprehension when I came to meet the lovely girl from the agency: I wasn’t sure if she would be accommodating, a bit weird about it, or straight up laugh in my already embarrassed face. When we met, it was hard to hide my nerves, she was that god damn gorgeous. I was shaking, stuttering, looking down, and she knew straight away that this was not just my first time with a stunning escort, it was my first time full stop.

Contrary to how I thought she would react, it was the obvious. She was so lovely and accommodating, and was happy that she could be the one who took my V’s. It wasn’t much of a performance on my behalf, but can anyone claim to be a master on the first try? Nevertheless, it was a great experience, I don’t regret it at all. In fact, if you’re looking for a calm and stress-free way to lose your plates I would more than recommend trying it with an escort. Beautiful girls, and highly accommodating, perfect for that first time, that’s what it’s like at Backpacker Girls.

Give them a call on 03 9416 6291, they’ll be more than happy to meet you!

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