Seeing the Sights and Travelling the World as an Escort

Whilst some people still view the sex industry with taboo and even disgust, I can happily say that the two years I have spent travelling the world as a high-end escort have been some of the most fascinating and invigorating I have had. I have seen places I would have never dreamt of and met some incredibly interesting people. I have spent time with French aristocrats, Russian oil barons, Japanese business magnates, and have always had a strong network of support to guide me through and offer me amazing advice on the thrilling ride of being a travelling escort.

I would like to share an incredible experience I had with a client two months ago.

A mysterious man 

I was invited to provide my services to an “elegant, young, French bachelor” who went only by Antoine. The destination was an antiquated chateau in St. Moritz and it was the dead of winter. The snow was falling and the air was crisp, and I after arriving in the luxurious alpine town I was met by a limousine driver, who slowly drove me up to the chateau. It was perched halfway up the mountain. When I knocked on the door, of course there was apprehension, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but the excitement outweighed the fear.

I was greeted by a beautiful young man, Antoine, who took me in and wrapped another coat around me before sitting me in front of his fireplace. He poured me a glass of cognac, and naturally I thought things were going to get heated right there in the living room of this lavishly decorated chateau.
‘I am sorry if this made you nervous,’ he said with a smile, sitting across from me with his hand on my knee. ‘I understand that a situation like this can make a person… nervous.’ He laughed and so did I, I suddenly felt at ease.
‘But,’ he said. ‘I have simply always had a fantasy of making love to a beautiful woman at the top of that peak, I spent my winter holidays coming here as a child, all the way through to now, in fact, and you are the woman I would like to make it up there with.’

I was flattered, if not stupefied. Why me? But the industry can throw all kinds of crazy experiences at you, and I was up for the challenge. The next day we set out for the top of the peak, jackets, hiking gear, and all. It took about two hours to climb to the top, and when we reached a ledge at the mountain’s pinnacle, he put down his hiking bag and produced from it a beautiful, thick woollen rug. ‘So,’ he said, cheekily. ‘Here we are.’

‘Here we are.’ I returned, and after a slight apprehension from parties in the freezing sunny day we launched at one another, and I could immediately feel his hard on through his hiking pants. We made love for two hours at the top of the mountain’s climax, and afterward we lay there staring up into nothing but clear blue skies and glistening winter sun.

This was just one my experiences as a travelling escort, I could give you more, if you would like to hear them? If you do, send us an email at Backpacker Girls and I’ll keep these tales of sensual debauchery coming.

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