Frequently Asked Questions

With over 25 years of service we are the longest running escort service in Melbourne. You don’t last this long in this very personal services business without providing the very best.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions of our service by our clients over the years?

Q. Is this legal?

A very good question, because even though paying for sexual services is legal in Victoria it is illegal to purchase these services from an unlicensed provider and there are very severe penalties for both clients and illegal operators.

Fortunately booking with Backpacker Girls, one of Melbourne’s premier licensed providers and can help you avoid any legal issues. 03 9416 6291.

Q. How long will it take for my escort to arrive?

Backpacker Girls are based in the City of Melbourne but our service providers are situated all throughout Melbourne and Victoria. So we will be able to have your escort with you in as little as five to forty five minutes depending on your location and the location of your chosen Service provider. 03 9416 6291.

Q. What type of payments methods are accepted by Backpacker Girls?

Backpacker Girls accept Cash Payments and all major Credit Cards.

Q. Can I pay with foreign currency?

Yes, many foreign currencies are accepted by Backpacker Girls. Please discuss with your friendly receptionist when making your booking on 03 9416 6291.

Q. What will my Credit Card Statement show as the vendor?

Backpacker Girls have a number of discrete business names that will appear on your statement, none of which reflect Personal Services 03 9416 6291.

Q. How can I make a booking?

Simply pick up the phone and call your friendly receptionist on 03 9416 6291 we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to discuss your requirements, we will locate your special someone and then call you back to confirm your booking, we will have your most desirable Backpacker Girl in your arms pronto.

Q. How much will it cost?

As you can imagine this is our most common question, many clients tell us their horror stories of booking with other agencies or private ladies and being tricked into booking at unrealistic prices only to find later that there are huge extra payments demanded once the booking has commenced.

At Backpacker Girls we will find you the most suitable girl at the price that works with your budget with the quoted price being the total you will pay. At Backpacker Girls we deal only with Melbourne’s finest most reputable Service Providers who rightly set their own charges so we can negotiate on your behalf the best possible price.

There are many factors that can obviously influence the price of your service just some of these include:

  • The Service Provider selected?
  • The number of ladies required one, two or more?
  • The type of services required, fantasies?
  • The number of hours required?
  • The distance the ladies need to travel?
  • The time of day?
  • Your method of payment?
  • Who the Service Provider is for, you, your wife or both?

As you can see the issue of price can be very complicated that’s why we are here to negotiate on your behalf to find you the most suitable companion at the very best price. Call us on 03 9416 6291. You can also visit our rates and services page for more information.