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Melbourne-based escort service, Backpacker Girls specialises in providing a discreet and professional service like no other. Complete with phone lines that are open 24/7, a varied catalogue of girls to choose from, and a range of experiences on offer, Backpacker Girls is able to cater to every desire, including lesbian and bisexual desires. Specialising in providing intimate and sensual experiences, while offering a fully discretionary service, our bisexual escorts are able to offer a wide range of unique experiences.

What services are offered?

At Backpacker Girls in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide range of intimate, sexual services for our male and female clients. These services include:

On top of offering one-off sexual encounters for bisexual women and men, our escorts also offer specialist experiences, such as the ‘girlfriend’ experience. This mock relationship experience is perfect for anyone who prefers to spend some time with the person who they are going to have a sexual experience with, before doing anything intimate. Our escorts in Melbourne are always happy to offer the girlfriend service – or do anything to ensure that our clients are comfortable – so whatever it is that you desire from your experience with our girls, all you need to do is ask.

Whether it’s a sexual tuition service that you need, fun dress-ups, prostate milking or prostate therapy, or an oral sex experience like no other, our range of big beautiful women escorts offers a selection of different services, including a range of customizable ones, allowing you to make your every desire a reality.

How to choose an escort…

At Backpacker Girls, we understand that everyone has their own sexual desires, which is why we offer such a diverse range of services that are made to suit both men and women alike. As part of this, each of our services is customizable, which means that we are always open to bespoke, custom requests. Whether you want a bisexual strap-on experience, sexual tuition, or require a female bisexual escort to join you and your partner in bed, we can help.

We understand that while some people prefer curvy girls, others prefer smaller and slimmer built girls, and while some people prefer blondes, others like redheads or brunettes. That is why we are proud to be able to offer a bisexual escort service in Melbourne that comes with a range of different options so that you can select the escort who is a perfect fit for your sexual fantasies and needs.

When it comes to quality, our bisexual escorts are second-to-none. At Backpacker Girls, we are proud to have a vast range of escorts on our books, as well as a wide range of experiences to offer.