Need to Spice Things Up with Your Husband? Try an Escort

It is only natural that after a few years of marriage things can start to get a bit, let’s just say, dull. From what starts out as a marriage complete with dinners, drinks, social engagements, holidays, and endless lovemaking can suddenly descend into sitting around on the couch watching whatever terrible reality show they’ve come […]

If Your Partner Is Not into It, Book an Escort to Live Out Your Fantasies

Let’s face it, we have all had that one partner that just wasn’t very sexually adventurous. She just wasn’t up to trying anything even remotely taboo, and the sex became boring, and the relationship eventually fizzled out, largely due to the mediocre and unenjoyable sexual endeavours you had to put yourself through time and time […]

When one Just Isn’t Enough, Hire Yourself Two or More Escorts

The people who say three’s a crowd are dirty rotten liars and quite frankly, I don’t trust then. Why you ask? Put simply, they don’t know what they’re talking about. In certain circumstances, more is better – and this is one of those circumstances. You know those moments where you’re having a truly remarkable and […]